BANANAS (Unripe)

Print: height 42 cm x width 29,7 cm. 

Frame: height 52,5 cm x width 42,4 cm, depth 3,5 cm.

Bananas (Unripe) is part of the collection Bananas For Everyone. The print is an original linocut print, turned into a digital one, printed on fine art paper.

Since our Sigmund Freud collection a kinda funny thing happened, everybody started sending us different pictures of bananas; bananas on the bus, commercials with bananas in them, bananas from the market, good discounts on bananas etc., so we knew instantly what to do. 


So here they are! And because banana consumers divide into two different groups; the ones who like them still green and unripe and will stand by this decision religiously and those who like them fully ripened, bright yellow and will take no green for an answer! So we decided to make bananas for both groups of people and let you decide which one you want.

So. What kind of a banana person are you? RIPE OR UNRIPE?

PRICE: 90.00 € (excluding shipping costs)