Menažerija X (Your Name Here) collaborations 2019:


Menažerija X Jan Brovč




“A collaboration we didn’t know we wanted, until it happened.”


Left half: Jan Brovč
Right half: Iris Pokovec (Menažerija)
Photo and post-production: Matej Tomažin
Menažerija ARCHVS.

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Menažerija X Arjan Pregl



“A completely classical painting collaboration made by two very classic painters who are very interested in the High Arts.”

HIGH ART: Iris Pokovec
Photo and post-production: Matej Tomažin
Menažerija ARCHVS.


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Menažerija X MY MOM❤️




When I went to take the entrance exams for the High School of Design and Photography and a few years later the entrance exams for the Academy, my mom told me an old Chinese story. The story told of a competition between two painters who had to draw a snake. The first one was soon over and he was pleased to have drawn a beautiful snake. But during the time that remained until the end of the competition, he began to look around and found that the other was still drawing, and although this initially inspired him with a sense of triumph and superiority, he soon began to doubt whether he could draw the snake better. He still had some time, so he started thinking about how to supplement and improve the picture. The more he looked at his snake, the more he seemed to notice an emptiness somewhere, missing something. Doubt and pressure kept growing in him, until a few minutes before the end of the run, he bent under the pressure and drew legs on the snake.

He lost in the competition because the winner was the one who actually drew the snake much worse than he did, but drew it as it was – a snake that has no legs.

The story has left a good memory in me and an important lesson to say that I do not think too much and exaggerate about a matter that is final or complete, but I often ignore it. Probably also because I learned from my mother (quite contradictory to the previous story) to often overthink things.

Based on this paradox, DON’T OVERTHINK STUFF’s work, as an hommage, was born, at the same time reminding me and my mother that snakes do not have legs or. If they seem to get them at some point, one can say with certainty that we were exaggerating, one way or another.

Story: My Mom❤️ (Alenka Pokovec)

Snakey hommage: Iris Pokovec (Menažerija)

Photo and post-production: Matej Tomažin
Menažerija ARCHVS.



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