COW PAINTING no. 3 (Lilac) 

Height 121 cm x width 101 cm, depth 4 cm. Framed in a white-painted pinewood frame.

Cow painting no. 3 (Lilac) is part of the collection Cow Paintings. As all other works in this series, the medium is a combination of acrylic paint and acrylic spray paint on canvas, stretched on a rigid pinewood underframe.

Due to its pastel colour palate and pop-art vibe, this painting is a wonderful choice for any modern furnished home wishing to add accents to its walls. The lilac coloured cow motif reminds us all of a popular chocolate commercial and makes the work a fine choice for any nostalgic chocolate aficionados, the young and young by heart, or just a playful decorative piece for the nursery or kid’s room.

Because of its associations to chocolate, candy and everything pastel, it is a beautiful addition to any confectionery, ice-cream parlour, teahouse or chocolate store as well as any kindergarten or space for children’s celebrations. This piece can cheer up any children’s clinic or hospital waiting room.

PRICE: 800.00 € (excluding shipping costs)