Height 68,5 cm x width 40 cm, depth 0,8 cm + hanging bracket depth 2,2 cm. 

Bunny Shape is the younger and youthful sister of the Funny Shapes. As all other works in this series, the medium is a combination of acrylic paint and acrylic spray paint on a fun shaped wooden panel but this time in bunny form.

Its likability is in its ever-modern stripe pattern and vivid colours, but its uniqueness comes from its special radiant back. The hanging bracket permits the painting to be hung at a distance to the wall, and allows the brightly painted rear panel to reflect a beautiful violet hue around the whole artwork. Because of this we especially recommend the hanging of all of our Funny Shapes on passively illuminated white or bright coloured walls, where their glowing backs can stand out the most.

Due to its small size and rounded edges Bunny Shape is wonderfully suitable as a decorative piece for nurseries and kid’s rooms alike. Its unordinary shape makes it instantly likeable and its contrasting colours and stripe pattern remind us of circus tents and clown pants, while at the same time acting as a great stimulant for the youngest of minds, that are still getting used to all the different colours and shapes.

PRICE: 420.00 € (excluding shipping costs)