Our webpage works as a catalogue of all our art pieces and services. All are designed and hand crafted from quality materials not only to look great, but also to last. *Since February 1st 2019 new rules came in order as we decided that not all of our works will be “art multiples”. This does not affect the artpieces that were sold so far, because none of them were the ones we decided to make in “limited” or “one and only” editions. So from now on our page, such artpieces will be marked if they are an art multiple, limited, or one and only. 

Art multiple means that artpiece is unlimited. Limited means that artpiece is still a multiple, but limited. One and only means that the artpiece is one and only.

Because we are an art brand our pieces are not signed. Please understand that this does not make them any less authentically and arty. Your iPhone also isn’t signed by Steve Jobs. Still there is a few ways how you can recognise an original Menažerija’s artpiece: they all, multiple or not, come with a certificate of authenticity. There are also a few other ways how we can indicate if an artpiece is a forgery, that we will not reveal here, because otherwise it’s just a cook-by-the-book recipe and we also keep a personal register of all the artpieces we ever sold. Also, since 4 meters of our Abstract Painting were stolen in Ljubljana in October 2018, all our buyers should be especially carful about accepting original artpieces from non authentic sources like our web store. So far we are the only ones that sell our artpieces, with the exception of the collection of the Made in China project; they are an authorised reseller for our Abstract Painting no. 1, since it became a part of their collection in April 2018. 

Nevertheless, it is our wish to offer some of our artpieces commercially in stores, so we plan to soon be able to expand and make it possible for customers to buy our artpieces in stores. We will make a list of authorised reseller stores once it happens, so you will always be able to check if the pieces you saw in stores are really ours and authentic. 

Because all of our products are made individually, we offer the option to customise many of their features to each customer’s own personal preference — if for example you found a piece that you like, but would like to have it in a specific colour variant, we will create it specially for you.  The details on which pieces can be customised and in what way can be found on their individual product pages. Because the right art work isn’t just beautiful, it’s personal, and we wish to give each customer the ability to really express themselves. Because of this we also never keep a large inventory of our art pieces.


Since February 1st 2019 we are also offering art services. So far the service we are offering is the personalised customisation You’ve been Pollocked! with which you can upgrade any object of your desire. Deliver it to us and we will Pollock it and return it well… more artsy. We mostly work with acrylic colours, but if you have any special wishes regarding our Pollocking customisation or an object that requires a different medium, we will try to find the best materials to do it. We will do everything to customise your work in the most optimal way possible. We therefore retain the right, in case we evaluate that a customisation of an object cannot be adequately executed or we ourselves choose not to do a particular customisation, to cancel the order or suggest a better solution. We also keep the right to refuse a customisation due to any possible ethical reasons. Contact us with your wishes regarding “You’ve been Pollocked!” via email:


In case you wish to own one of our works, but have any questions that are not answered on this page, we kindly ask to inquire about it either via mail. If you wish to buy one of our works, you can do so directly through one of the individual product pages, by pressing the “BUY ART” button. This will take you to our store, where you can submit and pay for your order. 

We wish to inform our customers that because all our works are made individually the processing and creation of each work can take up to 3-5 weeks, even more if a lot of orders get placed simultaneously, which can often occur during holidays. Of course each customer and their order is personally tended to and the timeframe for each order is individually assessed, to insure the highest level of satisfaction.

Notice: Our products have been carefully photographed and the images edited to represent exactly what you, our customer, will receive. This includes the colour, proportions and all other physical traits of our works. But please keep in mind that due to the wide variety of screens, used by tech companies and the various quality of production of said screens, the colours you see on our website can differ slightly from the actual colours of the artworks.


Shipping can be arranged to any part of the European Union and information regarding prices and times is always assessed individually by order, due to the possible variations in weight and size that can occur with the customisation of each piece and the various sizes/weights of our art pieces. Our store will give you an estimate delivery time, but we hold our right to change order delivery dates, either because of great demand of our products/services, the complexity of shipping larger works or any other reasons/causes that are not under our control. In such an event, we immediately notify all our customers and promise to do our outmost best in resolving such issues as soon as possible.

If you would like to inquire regarding the price of shipping of a particular work to a country, for which we don’t have a specified shipment policy, we kindly invite you to write to us via email. We probably can and will try to arrange shipment to any part of the world that has a functioning postal service, but we kindly ask non-EU customers to contact us directly, as all such orders will be assessed via email, rather then by our automated ordering system.

Please keep in mind that, depending on where you are ordering from, you may be charged an import fee or subjected to extra taxation by your government for any art work bought outside of your country’s borders. This fee is the sole responsibility of the buyer, as we have no power over such events, apart from issuing a clearly stated price on the accompanying invoice.


We stand for the quality of our art pieces and want our customers to be absolutely satisfied with their new artworks. In case of dissatisfaction we offer a flexible two-week return and reimbursement policy (excluding all shipping costs) if a valid reason is provided and only if the work is returned undamaged and in the original packaging. This does not apply for any works, that have been customised, unless the work is damaged in transit. If any parcel is damaged or lost during shipment, our customers are naturally entitled to a replacement or a full refund. We encourage our customers to contact us immediately in case they detect anything amiss with their order. *These rules do not apply for our “You’ve been Pollocked!” customisation, because when it’s done – it’s done. So make sure to really want your object of choice being all Pollocked up, and ask us all the questions that you want answered regarding this service, before your final decision.


Because “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” we are well aware of the importance of the fun factor. Also we share the opinion that fun is one of the key factors of opening up art to the wider public. That’s why our exhibition openings (when we do them) are designed as exhibition parties with a repertoire of fun and interactive art (like our artpieces) and we also started organising annual Arty Parties (the first Arty Party was an afterparty for our exhibition Menažerija: Likeable & Buyable in October 2018 in Club Tiffany in Ljubljana).


Since we created Menažerija you have probably already reached the conclusion that there are semi complex organisms with brains behind Menažerija. To intrigue you even further let’s talk about what other things we are working on while not drawing anuses or testing nose fondlers. Right now we are working on an art-economical research “Menažerija: How to make art Likeable & Buyable” in Slovenija but in October, while being guests in an art residency in London, we will push our research further. We are also in the process of designing an art page for Slovenian artists, where they will be able to publish their work and sell it on the internet. Critics and curators will also profit because they will have a database of all Slovenian artists in one place. The page will also make buying art easier for people who would like to buy an artpiece, but don’t go to galleries. And most importantly, we will give all the people an opportunity to upvote their favourite artworks with daily free coins so that later, maybe in a year or two, we will have firsthand information about the most wanted Slovenian artworks. Pretty cool, eh!?

We are planning a lot of other things in the future, but because we are SMART, we won’t write about them here… just yet. Because otherwise we might as well just give up the recipe, right!?


We are open for collaborations! The goal is to make new artpieces with other artists or non-artists; it doesn’t matter who and what you are, it’s the creative ideas that count here.The plan is to make one piece or a series of art multiples, one-and-only’s or limited edition whatever’s, that reflect the flavours of both participants together, into which we put in half/half of our time and material costs and get out half/half of that sweet money and fame.

We are planing to do 5-6 artist (or non-artist) collaborations a year.

Send your ideas, propositions or questions regarding the “Menažerija X (Your Name Here) collaboration” to:


New artpieces are always in the making. Visit our site often so you don’t miss out on the artpiece of your life!


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Something in between Andy Warhol’s Factory, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Weasley Wizard Wheezes and and art museum. With confetti.