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Duck Painting, 2019

Duck Painting is part of Menažerija’s collection Curiosities.

If you squeeze the ducks, they quack. Fun!

Measurements: height 80 cm x width 80 cm x depth 2 cm + duck 4 cm.
The medium is acrylic paint on canvas and rubber ducks. The work is unframed.

Eau de Toilet, 2019

Eau de Toilet is part of the collection Curiosities and is Menažerija’s first art perfume. It contains: toilet water, biodegradable glitter, eterical oils of damask rose, black pepper and vanilla and purple colouring of suspicious origin. 

DISCLAMER: Due to this art perfume ingredients, I do not recommend you actually use it.

Measurements: height 10 cm x width 6,6 cm x depth 6,6 cm, net volume 80 ml.
The medium is glass perfume bottle with vintage pump.