50% Off Painting, 2019

50% Off Painting is part of Menažerija’s $¥ƜβÖŁ$ collection. In our work as painters, we use motifs and themes that interest us. Motifs that we think are worth portraying. Sometimes even motifs that we think the public would like. And honesty is important here.
Art has always been a reflection of time and society. And the motif we like to see today is a discount sign.
50% Off Painting is a work of art that depicts and glorifies the idea of discount. And because it is true to what its motif promises, it is also a work that – regardless of its price – is and always will be reduced by 50 per cent.

Measurements: height 81 cm x width 81 cm x depth 3 cm.
The medium is acrylic paint on canvas. Framed in a yellow-painted wood frame.