Height 71 cm x width 51 cm, depth 3 cm + eye-catching stick: 37 cm. Framed in a natural pinewood frame.

Eye-catching Painting (Pinocchio) is part of the Eye-catching collection. The medium is acrylic paint on canvas, stretched on a rigid pinewood underframe.

Eye-catching Painting (Pinocchio) is surely eye-catching by itself, but with a 37 cm stick pointing out of it we mean it in the literal sense too! So be careful around it. Consider this as a serious warning, guys.

In this art piece the eye-catching stick represents the nose of our beloved Pinocchio, a fictional character created by Carlo Collodi. The abstract forms and colours on the painting represent his clothes, hair and cute little yellow hat with a red feather on it.

So don’t lie to yourself and admit. You love it. So buy it. 🙂 Your inside Jiminy Cricket voice is telling you it is the right and very conscience thing to do. 🙂

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