Yellow Snow, 2020

Yellow Snow is a painting that is part of Menažerija’s Christmas Art collection. Since we all know what yellow snow is, I probably don’t need to go into detail about it. All I can say is that the starting point for this work was the moment of every winter when you look out of the window and see the snow falling for the first time, and it’s just such a magical and special moment – until you venture into this winter idyll and find that the beautiful white blanket of snow has already been desecrated in some places and has become … yellow snow. The work is a humorous reminder that things are always different when we observe them from a distance than when we see them up close. And romanticising always happens from a distance.

Measurements: height 71 cm x width 101 cm x depth 3 cm.
The medium is acrylic paint on canvas. Framed in a yellow-painted wood frame.