Height 41 cm x width 41 cm, depth 4 cm. Framed in a white-painted pinewood frame.

Red dot is part of the collection ƜβÖŁ$. The medium is acrylic paint on canvas, stretched on a rigid pinewood underframe.

We all have seen those little red dots on gallery walls, usually right under the art piece, but not so many know what they actually mean. The red dot simply means that the art piece above has been sold and because – when buying an art piece – you usually don’t just put it in your grocery bag, instead you have to wait at least until the exhibition is over to get it. This is when the red dot system comes in handy, so that the sold art pieces are marked. Marking sold pieces with red dots is kind of an American tradition, but it can be found globally and a lot of galleries worldwide are using the same technique.

So we are bringing a little twist to the game, and we present to you our painting of a red dot that comes with a little red dot sticker which can you apply to your wall right under your red dot painting. 

It is also extra funny because nobody seems to buy art so much these days so this one goes to the artist as well: 

If you can’t sell one, buy one. 🙂

PRICE: 220.00 € (excluding shipping costs)