Height 90 cm x width 38 cm, depth 3 cm.

Stussy S is part of the collection $¥ƜβÖŁ$. The medium is a combination of acrylic paint and acrylic spray paint on a custom made wooden construction.

Stussy S or Super S is the first piece of the collection, inspired by prominent symbols in pop culture. We all here at Menažerija share a great deal of enthusiasm and fascination regarding this symbol, that has been there since the school years, when we used to scribble it on notebooks and even tables and walls. But now we’re even more excited, because we turned this icon of our youth into an artwork.

The fact is nobody really knows for certain where the origin of the Stussy S lies but one thing is for sure, we love it for its recognisability and simplistic design. Pop culture aficionados, graffiti artists, hip-hoppers and basically everyone with a taste for nostalgia can take a trip back to the good old days.

PRICE: 640.00 € (excluding shipping costs)