Height 81 cm x width 81 cm, depth 3 cm. Framed in a white-painted pinewood frame.

The Super-feminist Triangle is part of the collection $¥ƜβÖŁ$. The medium is acrylic paint on canvas, stretched on a rigid pinewood underframe.

We present our support and gratitude to the women’s heritage, embodied in the celebrations of International Women’s Day, with a new art piece, named the Super-feminist Triangle, which is semantically, symbolically and formally adapted to the suprematist painting Black Square by Kazimir Malevich.

We decided to create an imposing icon upon the minimalistic aesthetics of suprematism, but since we thought the square was a rather masculine figure, we went for the triangle, for us a prominent women’s power symbol.

And a heads-up, the pink background colour we selected for the product shot is not targeted towards the stereotypical colour, supposed to belong to the female sex and oh so often representing it. On the contrary, we just really like pink, very much so actually, and we do use it quite often. Stereotypes are just that, stereotypes.

Don’t attack pink, attack the origin of the problem!

PRICE: 360.00 € (excluding shipping costs)