Since February 1st 2019 we are also offering art services. So far the service we are offering is the personalised customisation You’ve been Pollocked! with which you can upgrade any object of your desire. Deliver it to us and we will Pollock it and return it well… more artsy. We mostly work with acrylic colours, but if you have any special wishes regarding our Pollocking customisation or an object that requires a different medium, we will try to find the best materials to do it. We will do everything to customise your work in the most optimal way possible. We therefore retain the right, in case we evaluate that a customisation of an object cannot be adequately executed or we ourselves choose not to do a particular customisation, to decline the order or suggest a better solution. We also keep the right to refuse a customisation due to any possible ethical reasons. 

Click on the picture below and check out our “You’ve been Pollocked!” customisation!

Storitev “You’ve been Pollocked!” spada pod projekt »Menažerija: Novoletne zaobljube 2019«, ki je sofinanciran s strani Ministrstva za kulturo. Hvala! 💋

“You’ve been Pollocked!” customisation service is part of “Menažerija: New Year’s Resolutions 2019” and it is co-funded by Slovenian Ministry of Culture. Thank you! 💋