Print: height 29,7 cm x width 42 cm.

Frame: height 42,4 cm x width 52,5 cm, depth 3,5 cm.

Pee-Pee is part of the Sigmund Freud collection. The work is a high-quality digital print on fine art paper, framed in a black frame.

The Sigmund Freud collection is a collection of 4 digital prints, dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, who has had a special place in our heart since early childhood (haha, no, just joking!) This collection was made while we were living in Vienna, Austria, and we could not help but find Freud’s influence bursting (haha!) all over the streets of Vienna, coming (haha!) out of the store windows, erected (haha!) in their national pride, or just from the vibe that people give you on the metro. Vienna really is deeply (haha!) drenched in repressed sexuality, well at least on a subconscious level. (haha!)

With this collection we wanted to catch the essence of Freud’s psychoanalytic works with the obvious fun intended – but we think it holds water: we think that (more or less) Freud’s work can be boiled down to these four symbols. We gave every piece in our collection a childish name, one that kids and their parents use when they want to take out the sexual context from the words describing intimate body parts.

We seriously recommend buying the whole collection, as intended, but you can be a proud owner of a singular private body part as well.

So don’t be too hysterical (haha!) or obsess about it (haha!!) too much, it’s meant to be funny.

PRICE: 50.00 € (including VAT, excluding shipping costs)