Print: height 42 cm x width 29,7 cm. 

Frame: height 52,5 cm x width 42,4 cm, depth 3,5 cm.

Kitchen Piece is part of the collection Site Specifics. This original print is made with acrylic paint on fine art paper by a traditional printing process using a special foam matrix. 

As the name implies this artwork is made to brighten up any kitchen. Here at Menažerija we know that the heart of any home is the kitchen, so we decided for a bright yellow colour, that brings to mind cheerful sunshine, happiness and soothing warmth.

The Kitchen Piece is made entirely with the kitchen in mind. Higher temperatures and moisture from cooking can take their toll on any nice object, so your very own Kitchen Piece comes in a beautiful white wooden frame with glossy finish and is well protected behind a layer of glass. Never worry about your favourite kitchen piece getting smudged — if it gets dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

P.S.: We especially love the idea oh someone hanging the Kitchen Piece in another room and giving it a nice paradoxical twist.

PRICE: 120.00 € (excluding shipping costs)