Menažerija is a store that specializes exclusively in fun. And fine art and home decor. We design and create hand crafted artistic and decorative objects, drawing inspiration from the latest trends to the timeless classics. Our wish is to offer fun and make art POPular. 

An important fact here at Menažerija is that we don’t differentiate between fine art and home decor. We see all of our creations as both — you can look at them as gallery pieces and as decor for your home. Because we believe that when you fall in love with that very special piece nothing else matters any more. 

And with all of our always growing collections, personally curated with care and attention to detail, we feel confident that in time a great many will be able to find that very special piece in our store. If of course it isn’t already there.

We seriously want to bring more fun into (buying) art.