Print: height 42 cm x width 29,7 cm. 

Frame: height 52,5 cm x width 42,4 cm, depth 3,5 cm.

Kiss David is a part of our Valentine’s special collection. The work is a high-quality digital print on fine art paper, framed in a white frame.

As the name implies, it is an artwork that allows you to make your dreams come true and gives you the opportunity to finally kiss David.


We offer special customisations, all in the name of love! We will digitally apply your kiss to David’s lips!


  • You decide you want to kiss David.
  • You put your favourite lipstick on (we kindly suggest a red or pink lipstick colour) and kiss a piece of white paper. Make sure the kiss isn’t smudged and that it looks just perfect.
  • Take a high quality photo of the kiss (the telephone cameras of today will do just fine, but make sure you take the picture in daylight).
  • Click the BUY ART button below. Fill out the form and attach the file with your kiss, then click Continue.

And a little extra something, because we are trying to make the world a better and more colourful place: You can also pick the colour of David’s background from an assortment of colours listed on the order page after you click the BUY ART button below!

Aaaaand you’re done! We will send you a conformation of your order asap!

PRICE: 75.00 € (excluding shipping costs)