(This art piece is a diptych, that means this artwork consists of two framed original prints, just so you know!)

Prints: height 42 cm x width 29,7 cm. 

Frames: Height 52,5 cm x width 42,4 cm, depth 3,5 cm.

Share One Heart is part of the Valentine’s special collection. This original print is made with acrylic paint on fine-art paper, by a traditional printing process using a special foam matrix.

And because we like to give the game away with the title, the name of this artwork also implies what this artwork is all about: it’s about Sharing one Heart, and this is exactly how it works. It’s a buy-two-give-one thing.

This art piece is a so called diptych and it allows you to symbolically give a half of your Heart to your special someone, or you can just keep both halves for yourself!

We have this romantic idea in our mind in which someone buys this art piece and gives half of it to his/her significant other and then for a while they both have their halves in their apartments. And when they decide to move together they both bring their halves and put them on a wall together, because they will live together from this time on.

We love the idea because it shows that art isn’t just something that hangs in a gallery, but that it is a language and its reach can, and always will, find a way to speak to the crowds and to you personally.

PRICE: 160.00 € (excluding shipping costs)