Height 101 cm x width 71 cm, depth 3 cm. 

Head hole: radius 20 cm.

Hand hole: radius 8 cm.

Framed in a white-painted pinewood frame.

Wearable Abstract Painting no.1 (Green) is part of the collection Wearables. The medium is acrylic paint on canvas, stretched on a rigid pinewood underframe.

Well the name pretty much sums it up – it is a wearable abstract painting. You can wear it as a costume for Halloween or rock at parties, that have an arty dress code, or rent it as a costume for hostesses at art gallery exhibition openings or have them as a prop in your photo booth at a party.

They come in two colours: Green and Violet, but you can buy/rent just one if you want to, but everything looks better in pairs – you know, symmetry and stuff. 🙂

PRICE: 479.00 € (excluding shipping costs)

RENT: 170.00 €/day (excluding shipping costs) 

*we are only renting them in the Slovenian area. To discuss renting options, please contact us via the CONTACT FORM.